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The college was established in the year 1968 and the college attached hostel in the year 1969. In a rented building with 12 inmates. To meet the increasing demand of the non local students,the hostel was shifted to its own building in the year 1979 constructed with UGC assistance.

Our Hostel has 60 rooms including library, recreation room, kitchen, dinning hall and garden. The present strength was 270. The Hostel is provided with aqua guard for safe drinking water, generator which is useful during power cuts. For inmates, carom board, chess and other sports material is provided. The inmates are provided with sports kits to improve their physical fitness. For recreation, TV, and CD player, tape recorder is provided. Coin box was installed for the inmates to be in contact with their parents.

We are providing accommodation not only to our college students, but also to MBA, PG, D.ED, students of our sister institutions of “Hithakarini Samaj” Ag, Bsc, students and students of Government Arts College. Morning Milk or Tea, Breakfast, Lunch evening tea, snacks and dinner are served to the inmates. The hostel is being run on non profit basis, keeping in view of the lower middle class students. In spite of the enhanced rates of all the commodities, we are collecting normal mess charges rupees 1800 per month.

The Hostel is maintained by lady staff members except the day and night watchmen and one male head cook. The inmates feels highly secured and live in great harmony. All festivals are celebrated in spirit of unity and national integration. Parents and authorized visitors are allowed to meet their wards during their weekends, holidays in any emergency. First Aid kit is provided in the hostel to meet the urgent needs of the inmates. For improving the pass percentage, study hours are being conducted in the morning and night. Besides the academic activities, the inmates actively participated in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.