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Old students of our College, who are now a major part of teaching and administrative staff of this College constituted Alumni association in the silver Jubilee year of the college i.e.1993 and are doing commendable, work in the development of the college. The association was registered under Society’s Act and the contributions made by the ALUMNI and philanthropists are deposited in Indian overseas Bank located in the Campus in the form of FDRs. The interest accrued will be deposited in the ALUMNI a/c bearing No. 163601000006700. The interest only will be utilised for conducting the various activities of the association.

  • President : Smt.T.J.Radha Devi
  • Vice-President : Smt.V.Sai Bhagya lakshmi
  • Secretary : Dr.D.Padmavathy
  • Treasurer 1 : Smt.V.Uma Jyothi
  • Joint Secretary : Smt.B.Maruthisree
  • Treasurer 2 : Smt.D.Dakshayani

The main objectives of the association are

1. To provide mid day meals to 120-130 students from 1st July to 28th Feb every year. Amount has been contributed by philanthropists in the name of Saswatha Annadanam (Rs.8000 /- each) which is deposited and the interest is used to feed the students on the day the donor specifies. Delicious Food is supplied by ISCKON by paying Rs.600/- per day.

2. Educationally forward and economically backward students who do not receive any scholarships are paid College fee and exam fee by the ALUMNI donors. This year eighteen students were benefited.

3. Every year Mega eye camp will be conducted with the help of Paramahamsa Yogananda Eye Hospital. This academic year it was conducted on 27thJuly 2016. 484 students got their eyes checked and 96 students were issued spectacles.

4. Smt.T.J.Radha Devi was felicitated in a grand manner on her retirement on 31st july 2016.

5. Endowment lecture in memory of Kum.P.N.Prabhavathi ( English),was conducted on 6th Sept’2016 . Sri.P.V.S.Sastry delivered Lecture on Communication skills and Soft Skills .

6. In association with Lions Club General Medical Checkup was conducted on 20th Oct’16. 280 students got benefited in which General health, Gynic Problems ,Dental and eye check up was conducted.

7. Two class rooms were renovated as reading room for the Library with an amount of Rs.85, 000/- with the donations given by Alumni members & philanthropists. It was opened on 9th Dec’16.

8. Every year ALUMNI Day Is celebrated on 11th December and 4-5 old students who acquired high positions will be felicitated. Alumni members from different places gather together and will have a fun filled day.

9. All the donations that are collected will be deposited in the IOB a/c mentioned above and every year the accounts are audited by our Auditor Smt.K.Krishna Kumari .Receipt books, cash books and audited certificates are properly maintained by the Office bearers.